Hi! I am Diana Wijaya from Medan, Indonesia. I was graduated with Bachelor of Law degree and currently working as a corporate legal officer in property company. I also run an online art store which sells Prismacolor & Strathmore and other premium art supplies (DW Art Store – for Indonesia only).

I’ve been passionate about art particularly on traditional art since age of 11. I am not graduating from art college, just having some informal drawing courses in my hometown and having self-taught practices. Thus, i do not want to claim myself as an artist, but i would rather claim myself as an art enthusiast who keeps learning and learning. Practice definitely makes progress, right?

My basic motivation in blogging is simply to share my art thoughts and artworks to the world, aiming to improve my personal skills through readers’ comments. Besides, I also do reviews about art tools and share some drawing techniques in order to help beginners in developing their skills. Thus, feel free to leave some messages and get to know me better by visiting my blog.

Thank You! xx